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May's Meeting

Thursday 16 May at 7.30pm

Cawston Community Hall

Resolutions debate
and a fundraising auction

Resolutions pic.jpg

Over the last 100 years, WI members have campaigned on an incredible range of issues, increasing public awareness and bringing about real change. 

This year over 95,000 individual selections were cast by WI members and the most popular resolution, was Dental Health Matters - 'There is a chronic shortage of NHS Dentists and people are suffering health issues as a result. The NFWI calls on the Government to increase investment in the training and retention of dentists and to review the current inadequate NHS contracts in order to ensure everyone can access an NHS dentist wherever they live.'

In preparation for the forthcoming NFWI Annual Meeting we will discuss and debate on whether Cawston WI will support this resolution.

Read more about the history of our campaigning here.

Afterwards we are hosting a 50:50 fundraising auction, 50% of all proceeds to Cawston WI and the remaining 50% to Warwickshire Federation.

So come prepared with your cash, although we can accept card payments.


Why not bring a friend or family member to our meeting, we'd love to meet them!

Please note: We continue to be cautious about the safety of our members and if you are considering attending any of our meetings but feel unwell, then please save your visit until you are feeling better.

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