Womens Race Practice

Here at the Cawston Grange WI Lite we are all about creating a new type of WI one for the women of today. We want to move from the traditional view of the WI (jam making, Jerusalem, tweed skirts) in favour of a more vibrant modern WI group, although many of us do enjoy making jam, baking, knitting or sewing. We hold meetings that appeal to the women of today. We hope that by getting your feedback and suggestions we can hold meetings that are fun, exciting and more importantly what you want!

Our group formed in November 2010 and as such have no set ideas about what should and shouldn’t be included in our programme of events.  We have ideas and encourage members to have their say and most importantly, our WI is your WI.

The Warwickshire Federation has been inspiring women for over 100 years but that does not mean our members are this age! Far from it, our ladies are welcome to join us from 18 years and upwards. Why not join us at the next meeting on the third Thursday of the month. We normally meet any time from 7.00pm and the meeting promptly starts at 7.30pm in the Cawston Community Hall, Cawston, Rugby, CV22 7GU, however due to the current pandemic situation, we are instead meeting online using Zoom from 7.30pm. If you would like to join us, we will provide you with a link to the next meeting if you send an email to cawstongrangew.i@gmail.com.

If you haven't already joined, why not consider joining us for an amazing offer of £44 (April 2022 to March 2023). Should you decide to join our fantastic group later in the year, the membership is quarterly pro-rata thereafter if you have not been a member before.

You can attend up to three times as a visitor (£4 each visit) and by then you will have realised how awesome we are and join us!

The benefits of being a member are:


  • Membership of the largest women’s organisation in England and Wales

  • Free access to our monthly meetings and all the other free activities we organise

  • We have several sub-groups where like-minded women can get together and share ideas, skills, and passions. See the Groups page for more details

  • Free subscription to WI Life magazine

  • Being part of campaigns on issues that matter to members, such as tackling domestic violence towards women, cervical screening and single use plastic. In 1954, the WI actually started the ‘Keep Britain Tidy’ campaign

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